Golf Trophy Alex Nelson awards
“When I first started seeing Simon, I saw my scores improve drastically. I went from a little better than average player shooting around 77, to a great player with a chance to play college golf shooting around 74, with a low tournament score of 67.” ~ Alex Nelson

Simon has many attributes that make him a great teacher, but the one that helped me the most is his ability to communicate. I’ve had lessons from other teachers, but they couldn’t communicate what they saw in my swing, or what they wanted me to do. Simon translates what he sees into easily understood direction! He will always be my “go to” person for golf instruction.” ~ Jackie Taylor

“I began taking lessons from Simon my Junior year of high school. My goal at the time was to be consistently shooting in the 70′s in preparation for collegiate golf. Simon used video cameras as well as other tools to quickly get me to my goal. Even now, as a sophomore in college, I take a few lessons when I am home to correct any minor problems in my game.” ~ Ted Harrington

I can recommend Simon Fagan as a first rate golf instructor without reservation! I have worked with Simon for several years. In my opinion he is a premier golf instructor. He thoroughly understands the swing and the game and is able to transfer this knowledge to his students in an easy to understand manner. No matter your age or current skill level, Simon can improve your game!” ~ Jon Nottingham



Simon is an excellent instructor. He does a great job of assessing your needs and putting together a focused plan to improve your game. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their game.” ~ Jeff Nichols


Simon has been my son’s golf instructor since he was 7 years old. Through Simons instruction over the years my son is now a better golfer than my husband and my father. His calm, encouraging approach teaches the important skills while at the same time instilling confidence and enjoyment of the game. I highly recommend Simon for Junior golfers!” ~ Debra Rakowitz



Simon has the ability to look at you and identify what you need to do and is amazing at showing you how to do it. I don’t like to have more than three things to think about when I leave a lesson and he was always sure to give me just three things to think about. He changed my game and I will continue to see Simon as he continues to dial me in. In short if you have the need and the time you MUST have Simon help you.” ~ Chris Frank

Jackson’s college signing “Simon has been my instructor now for almost 3 years, and he has taught me so much I can’t even begin to describe it. I was fourteen years old when I started working with Simon, now I am seventeen and working hard on my game pursuing college golf. Simon has been there with me every step of the way, encouraging me to do my best and not give up even when the putts were not falling. To any parent who has a child that enjoys the game and wishes to get better, Simon would be a great fit for them. He will not only strengthen them as a golfer, but also help them become a better person along the way. He knows golf swing fundamentals and course management better than anyone I know, and would delight in instructing you or your children.” ~ Jackson Stuteville


Taylor Chaffin


My recommendation is based on actual results: check out the newspaper. On Sunday, December 28th, 2008, my daughter Taylor Chaffin (age 12) had her first lesson with Simon. Prior to that her lowest golf score was 81. On Monday, December 29th, she played in an NTPGA tournament and shot her lowest score ever at that point – 76 – that day she had six birdies. The results speak for themself. Simon is a true professional, an expert instructor and a great communicator. ~ Rick Chaffin

Simon is a very good golf instructor. He has what is a very rare gift of knowledge of the game and the ability to effectively communicate with the player. I highly recommend Simon if you want to improve your golf game.” ~ Tim Sanders



Shortly before entering high school, my daughter Rylee began taking one-on-one golf lessons from Simon Fagan and continued throughout her high school years.  He took her from a complete golf novice to a varsity level player in just a few short months at a 5A school.   Simon’s coaching and encouragement were the keys to her success during her high school golf competitions.  His patience and detail  allow him to work with golfers on every level. If anyone asks for a swing coach, I always recommend Simon.” ~ Christine Sisseck


“Simon has a positive approach to the game and is able to transfer that knowledge to each individual golfer. He is able to get through to my 15 year old son; this alone is priceless. He can quickly recognize a golfer’s weakness and focus on drills that will eliminate that weakness. When Simon works with my son we see immediate results and a rejuvinated positive attitude. This is the best letter I can write; it doesn’t do him justice.” ~ Bert Cline


“Simon worked with my son, Hunter, as a total beginner at the Junior Golf Academy at Hank Haney’s Golf School. Simon not only provided great instruction but provided a fun learning environment for the students. Hunter is still excited about golf and still working on his game four years later.” ~ Andy Cobb



I have worked with several golf instructors over the years and Simon’s technical understanding of the golf swing is by far the best I have encountered. His ability to relay this information in a simple and clear way changed my swing from guess work to a planned approach on both the practice range and the course.

I would highly recommend Simon to any student that is looking for a long term solution and not the quick fix. Simon was always available and never too busy to look at my swing or offer a suggestion outside of a lesson. Highly recommended..” ~ Matt Farquhar



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